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3D Laser Scanning
and Measured
Survey Services

  • Measured Building Survey Measured surveying for professionals to capture existing buildings.
  • Scan to Point Cloud Processing and registering point cloud data to create a single point cloud file.
  • As-built 2D Drawings Receive detailed as-built floor plans, internal and external elevations and cross-sections.
  • 3D BIM Model Gain access to reliable 3D models which imitate the existing scanned building.


Trustworthy measured building survey and laser scanning in Wales

Our services and professionals with expertise and experience in this field make us one of the best measured building survey companies in the market today in Wales. We guarantee the most efficient results every time, so you can rely on us to produce 3D laser scanning deliverables on our promise and in a swift manner.

Our Products

Wales Measured Survey is one of only a few companies that offer all 3D laser scanning services such as comprehensive measured building survey so that you don’t need to worry about anything and focus on your project.

Our Formats

We provide the most convenient format that you require and also offer suggestions based on the package and services that you need. You may choose from a wide range of formats such as 3D BIM Models from Revit software and in .DWG or .PDF for your as-built 2D drawings.

Our Goal

We only have one goal in mind: to offer you accurate data that will allow you to complete your projects in the most efficient way possible. We use only the best tools and equipment to conduct efficient measured building surveys and capture the most accurate representation of your building or project site.

Our Clients

Wales Measured Survey has built a strong clientele of business owners, homeowners, project managers, contractors and other professionals who we helped through our reliable 3D laser scanning and measured building survey services. We guarantee reliable results and quick turnaround for happy clients!

Why choose us?

Comprehensive 3D laser scanning services in Wales no matter the scale of your project.

We are equipped with the latest tools to meet your project specification: GPS, 3D laser scanners, and total station. Our highly skilled professionals will cater to your specified data output: as built 2D drawings or 3D BIM models.

We are committed to deliver 100% satisfaction guarantee to all projects. We want every client to receive great value for successful projects, through friendly and responsive customer service.

Our 3D Laser Scanning company gives you peace of mind with our swift and efficient services when delivering you 3D Point cloud, as-built 2D drawings or 3D BIM Models.

Our 3D laser scanning software and measured building survey equipment eliminate risk of possible errors, with trustworthy measurements and information through reliable software and high experience.


What our Clients say About us

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